Objectives of the Center

Our center specializes in testing and research of
advanced diagnostics technologies of aviation machinery and structural parts.

Main attention is given to vibration, as to one of the most informative parameters to control the state of examined objects. We split such objects in two groups:

  1. Structures – units of an aircraft, performing load-bearing functions, for example fuselage, empennage, landing gears, blades and tail boom of the helicopter, etc.
  2. Machines, mechanisms and aggregates, including bladed ones, gears, bearings, etc.

In addition to testing center also assists in the implementation of advanced diagnostic technologies into operation.

Most of the technologies and diagnostics systems of units and structures, promoted by the ARC, are developed by D un D centrs, which is a supplier of techniques and algorithms for such systems. Read more about the methods and principles of vibrodiagnostics on www.ddcentrs.lv

Our center conclude tests of aviation machinery and structures using advanced methods of testing and measurement of vibrations, fluctuations, deformations. Having an accredited laboratory in the field of aircraft equipment testing and diagnostics, ARC issues conclusions in compliance with international standards, which is necessary for the certification of a range of aircraft units.